Christian Science at camp

The way you'll really feel Christian Science at camp is in the atmosphere. At every activity area, incredibly loving and supportive counselors will be just waiting to cheer you on. They won't be particularly concerned that you haven't been near a tennis court in 20 years, have never gotten up on waterskis, or have always felt too artistically challenged to attempt a watercolor. Instead, they'll be seeing your unlimited, God-given potential – and encouraging you to embrace the possibilities yourself.

Of course, you'll have opportunities to study and share Christian Science – from time built into your daily schedule to read the weekly Bible Lesson, to inspiring morning meetings, a Wednesday evening testimony meeting, and church on Sunday. Like all of the other activities at Family Camp, you'll be free to partake of these as much or as little as you like.

But however you choose to enjoy Family Camp, you're sure to feel the support, encouragement, and love that have been bringing families back to this very special home-away-from-home year after year after year.