Owatonna activities

What can you do at Owatonna? Just about anything -- from waterskiing to arts and crafts to tennis.

Training Program

Each day, you'll have four hour-long activity periods for boating, beach, team sports, and individual activities.

In the evening, you'll join with other campers for activities like Club Night, Council Fire, or an all-camp game of Capture the Flag.

Every day at Owatonna is a day filled with fun, friends, and good times you'll never forget!

  • Boating

    Sailing, canoeing, kayaking, waterskiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, paddle boarding

  • Beach

    Red Cross swimming levels, lifeguard training, rope swing, water polo, diving

  • Team Sports

    Soccer, street hockey, basketball, lacrosse, football, ultimate frisbee, rugby, baseball, kickball

  • Individuals

    Archery, tennis, low and high ropes course, rock-wall climbing, woodsman, arts and crafts, music, drama, zipline


Life at Owatonna