Counselor in Training Program

Our best leaders come from within

If you're a sophomore in high school this year, you could be a CIT at Camp Owatonna this summer!

Being a CIT at Owatonna is a transforming experience filled with fun, great friends, and lifelong memories!

Our CIT program supports the transition from camper to counselor by offering you new responsibilities, challenges, and adventures.

CIT Program Overview:

Our CIT program focuses on developing strong leaders through training, discussion, observation and practice. This program is for teens interested in working with children and improving their leadership skills. The most important part of this training program is the hands on experience CITs receive serving and learning to lead others. Upon completion of the CIT program, participants are better prepared to work with their peers and children of all ages, interests, and abilities. CITs develop life skills and a strong work ethic that can be used in other aspects of life.

Highlights include team leadership, and bonding with a group of leaders who you will never forget. Throughout the summer you will have the opportunity to live in a cabin with campers and assist the counselors in a cabin as well as help teach activities during the day, a five-day wilderness experience, a lifesaving course, a team-building service project, and flag trip.


Who is the CIT program for?

This program is designed for individuals who are:

  • Eager and committed to becoming stronger leaders
  • Interested in developing teaching skills
  • Interested in working with children
  • Entering his or her junior year in high school in the coming fall

Note: Campers new to camp are also encouraged to apply

Intended outcomes:

  • Spiritual growth
  • Enhanced leadership skills
  • Improved counseling skills
  • Improved teaching methods
  • Developed wilderness trip planning & execution skills
  • Understanding of the value of service
  • Completed Red Cross Lifeguard Training Course

Program Details:

  • Practicing hands-on leadership
  • Leading camp teams
  • Team building activities
  • Activity & program assistance
  • Camp community service project
  • Flag Trip
  • 5-day wilderness trip
  • Day trips
  • Lifeguard training (LGT certification)

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